North Star Water Softener NSC 14Lt


  • The North Star® NSC 14L softener adapts to the user’s needs. It works fully automatically.
  • The NSC 14L uses up to 47% less salt and up to 50% less water than its competitors.
  • To start it up, simply set two parameters: time and hardness.
  • The new electronics retain statistical and programming data even in the event of a power failure. The softener provides usage data such as percentage of exchange power remaining, daily water consumption, average daily consumption and water flow. The NSC 14L is equipped with the most advanced North Star® technology.
  • The system is capable of electronic self-diagnosis, tracking working days and total number of regenerations performed.

Technical Specifications:

  • Resin volume (litres): 14
  • Average ion exchange capacity (ºdH x m³): 41
  • Salt consumption for regeneration* (kg): 1,33
  • Flow rate (m³/h): 1,4
  • Connector diameter (inches): 1
  • Supply water pressure (bar/ min.-max.): 1.3-8.5
  • Power supply (V/Hz): 230-24/50
  • Temperature range for filtered water (ºC): 4-50

* Thanks to the variable resin regeneration system and proportional brine volume, North StarTM softeners regenerate at an individual frequency that meets the real needs of the household. Salt and water consumption is different for each regeneration, resulting in significant water and salt 8 savings.
* See the video here


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