Fountric Water Dispenser R/O (White & Black)

Introducing “Fountain,” the epitome of modernity and convenience in water dispensing technology. With its sleek design, Fountain seamlessly blends into any space, offering the luxury of both hot and cold water at your fingertips. Choose between our standard filters with UF or the advanced Reverse Osmosis option for pristine, refreshing hydration.

Product Features:

  • Equipped with a comprehensive Filtration System.
  • Sensor touch control panel facilitates:
    1. Easy temperature adjustment for both hot and cold water.
    2. Instant dispensing of 1 or multiple glasses of water with a simple touch or continuous touch option.
  • Filter Change reminder for enhanced maintenance efficiency.


  • Dispenses both hot and cold water.
  • Incorporates a high-efficiency compressor for cooling.
  • Cooling capacity: 2 liters per hour.
  • Heating capacity: 5 liters per hour.
  • Power consumption: 420W for Heating, 100W for Cooling.
  • Product Size: 220x400x470mm.


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