Ecosoft 4 Stages Undersink

The filter is installed under the kitchen sink and is connected to the cold water pipeline. For purified water supply, there is a separate faucet mounted at the sink or kitchen worktop.

Ecosoft Standard 4 Stage Filter has a compact design as to not disturb its surroundings. Easy installation and replacement of filters so water can be dispensed within seconds.

Ecosoft Standard 4 Stage Filter includes: Filter housing, replacement filters, chrome valve faucet, feed water adapter, feed valve, color tubes, service wrench, and user manual.

Filtration Stages:

  1. The first stage removes large impurities from water, such as sand, rust, silt and scale, using the 5-Micron PP Melt Blown Sediment Filter.
  2. The second stage softens water using ECOMIX D37 Filter, it lowers hardness, chlorine and various toxic metals.
  3. The third and final stage reduces chlorination byproducts and sediment using the top grade CTO Coconut Shell Carbon Filter.
  4. The forth stage is an in-line carbon filter to enchance the protection against Chlorine, odor and chemicals.


  • Material Housing: PBA Free Plastic by Ecosoft
  • Dimensions: (Υ) 42 x (Π) 37 x (B) 15 cm

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