3Way Faucet ARES

Introducing the Ares Metal-Free Tri-flow Tap – a sophisticated and top-tier 3-way faucet meticulously designed for discerning homeowners. Crafted with brushed steel, this faucet stands out with its commitment to quality and purity, boasting a unique feature that sets it apart from traditional 3-way taps.

What makes the Ares exceptional is its innovative approach to eliminate any trace of metal, specifically lead content, in its construction. Unlike most 3-way taps that incorporate brass components which may contain minute amounts of lead, the Inox tap takes a smart detour. It ingeniously sidesteps this concern by incorporating a separate internal channel for the purified water, constructed from food-grade, non-leaching, high-grade polypropylene. This ensures that every drop of water dispensed is not only elegantly presented but also free from any potential metal contaminants.

The tap features two handles, allowing for effortless blending of hot and cold water with the right-hand lever, while the left-hand lever is dedicated solely to dispensing filtered water. This thoughtful design ensures convenience in everyday use. Moreover, with three distinct connections, the tap accommodates various water setups. Whether used in conjunction with a filter system or without, it adapts effortlessly. For instance, it’s suitable for pairing with a water softener, allowing you to connect a hard water feed along with softened hot and cold water.


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